Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This past weekend we went with one of our favorite families in the whole world, the Skiddles (aka the biddles) to Roosevelt for an overnight camp and swim. It was a lotta fun. our camp was scary and close to other campers, and lots of spiders, but the lake was perfect, the wheather was perfect, all of the kids were as close as they can get to perfect. It was great. This is the dad's dunking the kids and dogs....and Boston running off in fear. The boys taking the kids for a tour of our litte scary cove. They freaked out because Jase pushed them out about 2' farther than they were used to going and they both freaked out and thought they were going to get ran over by the motor boats and die! It was really a dramatic moment in the weekend. I loved it!

This is Tagg, he's freaking awesome! He was eatting all of the marshmallows off of the ground mixed in with a little dirt and rocks. Happy guy!

This is me and my naked baby. Finally proof that I do go on our campouts. I'm never in the pictures cause I'm always taking them, but alas, it's me.

Ok, and yesterday, i just couldn't get enough of Kam and Pearce. She is SOO sweet with him. She loves him so much and does whatever she can to keep him smiling and laughing. She's the best!

Mmm, seriously need to get more babies going! They're the best!!!


Biddle Family said...

he little miss bipolar..
I thought you were done... it lasted for about 3 mins.. get going on making more!!! this little guy needs a friend or wife!!!

Tamee said...

I love Pearce. I want to eat him. I love that Kam is missing her front teeth. I need to blog again. Next week I'll start because I'm giving up on exercise and house keeping.

Jessica said...

how fun! You guys are awesome, you are always going on family trips, I'm so jealous! I'm totally like you too, I am never in the pics but when I am I usually look like crap! nice huh!

Alona said...

Fun trip! I think that Pearce looks a lot like Kam when she was a baby!