Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. President......

Today is Jase's birthday. I feel really bad because I'm sooo stinking pregnant and he likes to do active outdoorsy things, and I'm holding him back. But yesterday we got up at the crack a 5 and bummed around on the swing with the kids and their flashlights and blankets and then Jase decided we should to go Nifty Fifties in Pine for breakfast. So we met our friends the Rossers there and had a killer great breakfast. Then he wanted to go fishing, so we hit Woods Canyon Lake..which was packed, but PERFECT wheather and no one was catching anything but our kids caught a bunch of crawdads. It was a lot of fun. And today we were awake at the crack a 3 due to our neighbor's horse giving birth (lucky horse). So I went and finished the overnight baked french toast and the boys brought Jase a plate of pretty much every fruit imaginable and we enjoyed breakfast in bed.
Then after church grandma and grandpa came over for dinner, chicken pillows, and a bunch of junk...lemon creme pie from Trappers, and pineapple upside down cake. And we gave Jase his gifts. The kids gave him an inflatable boat (that he's been wanting for a while) and mom and dad gave him a dutch oven (that he's been wanting for even a longer while) and I gave him teeth whitening from Uncle Sam...yay! And then tonight, we're going to cuddle up on our cushy sectional and watch favorite right it was pouring here today so it's all wet and thundery and dark. I love it!
But now I'd like to start interview with a vampire part III. I know it's been a few months. I've struggled with EVERYTHING these last few months, hopefully I can start to pick up things when I get this kid out (12 more days!)
Me: How was your 32nd year of life? Amazing, no really, it's amazing to see what we have accomplished this last year. Life has be very good, trials and all, small as they are.

Me: What was the best thing this last year? Probably our trip to Jamaica, it was a blast to spend that much time with you and not have to worry about anything. I also loved our family trip to Oregon, a little rushed, but a whole bunch of memories. I am greatful we were able to do those.

Me: How do you feel about your wife putting on 60 pounds in the last year? honest! Awesome, you look hot and weight a bunch less then you did with any of the others.

Me: Do you prefer brunettes? Everyday

Me: What do you hope to accomlish before turning 33? That's a really big question. I could be specific but since this is public I'll be general. I've actually thought a lot about this, some of which I have voiced and of course you make fun. But I would like to create a future which will allow me to serve more and build stronger relationships with my heavenly father, my family, and those I know. Me: How'd you get so sexy? Have you really seen my face? Well if you think so it's a combination of my Mom, Dad, the way you dress me, and mostly the baldness that is taking over my head.

Me: Do you like whipped cream or cool whip? Why? What kind of question is that? COOL WHIP, its creamy and has flavor.

Me: What are you going to do if your wife gets an epidural? Pray, same as if she didn't

Me: Why do you keep getting your wife pregnant even though the babies keep getting bigger? Have you seen them? Could you stop?

Me: Who do you miss most? a good president

Me: Do you prefer Dr. Mulder, Dr. Jason, Dr. Jashon or Dr. Love? Jdittydoodah

Me: Can you just try Rogaine? Don't want to mess with my testosterone

Me: Regenemax? Don't know

Me: Bosley? It'd be cheaper to die

Me: What's your favorite thing about each of your kids right now?
Jaden: that he is kind hearted kid and trys hard to please his parents.
Kamryn: Her independance and ability to watch someone do something and then do it fearlessly
Boston: His smile and his humorous dances

Me: What's your favorite thing about me? I love your desire to have a happy small town family, and that you secretly support all these crazy leaps I take.

Me: What's your least favorite thing about me? (other than my butt) Your attitude toward your body

Me: Who is the coolest person (besides me and my dad) that you've ever met? My Kids, sorry it's the only answer I can give without getting in trouble.

Me:Do you love your garden or me more? Common I love the garden cause it keeps you healthy and alive:)

Me: I'm hurting really bad, so we're going to wrap this up. Do you know how much I love you?
Some days, mostly non-pregnant days


buba's bodacious babe said...
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buba's bodacious babe said...

AWWW, I love this post! You guys are so goor for each other and kind of romantic in a weird way. I'm so glad that you have each other and even though you know you know so much about him you STILL decided to stick with him! Happy b-day jase, and it's good to have such grat friends like you guys.

Jessica said...

AW! I love reading your guys interviews! They make me smile!

Elissa said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! We love you!

scooping it up said...

Jason is such a good sport. I love it. Good work! BTW, it looks like Blurb is back to printing blog books so you can use them if you want to print things out! Woo hoo!
Good luck getting that bebe out.

kristal said...

Yea, I've been working on mine for about 8 months....hopefully I can finish it up before years end. ug!

Tamee said...

Way to play it safe Jason. Good answers.
Happy Day Jason. Luck you, you get a new baby for your birthday.

PS Kendall LOVEs to dance to the music on Aunt Kristal blog right now. She asks, "Can you call your sister on the computer so I can dance."

Alona said...

Love it! You're pretty smart with the answers there, Dr. Jdittydodah!