Tuesday, September 22, 2009

38 weeks and 4 days....

Alright, so most of you know, my induction that was supposed to be tomarrow is now Monday morning at 7am, so yes, I'll be giving birth to at least a 10 pounder...ug! I'd love to hear ANY induction methods you have. So far we have:
Sex: doing it
Accupuncture: done a few of the points, doing all of them Thursday
Cohosh: researched it and am too scared of the side effects
Evening Primrose Oil: Doing 3 capsules a day...um, you know where
walking: I am keeping myself up and on my feet about 80% of the day (and a lot of the night sadly)
Spicy foods: don't believe it, but tried it a few times anyways
Castor Oil: from what I've read it only works for about 30% of women and it makes most of them throw up or the other way...so that's a last resort
anything else?
Oh, I even tried canning today. I canned a billion bottles of pear butter (the little light colored stuff...it's soo good, it has orange peel in it) pear honey (the little darker stuff, it has pineapple juice and it cooks for 2-3 hours, but soo sweet, thick and yummy) and then just pears. Baby still didn't come!

And now.....this......look how stinking sweet this is. He fell asleep on my bed before his naptime in thinking position. LOVE HIM! And yes, lampshade man! He loved running around and running into things with this on his head

And my first blanket for baby Pearce...ok ok, I just picked out the fabric and cut it and my mom sewed it together. Thanks ma!

And my first quilt for baby Pearce...my mom did bind this one for me too, but I picked out the fabric, cut all the squares, sewed all the squares together, tied it, and washed it 3x to get it to fray...that's hard work!

Today I'm hoping to get my favorite one done...it's been at the quilter's for 2 weeks, but it's here and I just need to bind it. I'll post it soon.

And now to the quote of the week by our sweet Ms. Kam. She loves the song BOom Boom Pow by Fergie or the black eyed peas, which ever it is, and she always sings, "I've gotta (then she makes up 3 letters usually ending in ss)" and yesterday it just happened to be "I've gotta A S S" We died laughing, she had no idea....but now she only sings K S S. She's awesome!


Alona said...

I'm hoping one or more of your induction methods will work before Monday! That's a long wait! The baby blankets are awesome! Nice work! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh MOnday, wow, how exciting. I know my sister has done the castor oil with 3 of hers and her babies came the next day. She said it is the nastiest stuff ever. Your blankets are gorgeous, love the canning you are doing, and I love that you are going to be a new mama in less than a week! Good luck girl! I love you~

Mary Ann said...

you are the funniest person i know.. how frustrating that nothing is getting this baby here yet.. he must be stubborn.. hope he come real soon for you!!

The Giles Files said...

Okay, it's Sheri here. Not sure if this really works, as I have never tried it - sex thing worked for us, with my first two - probably tmi...anywhooo... Try raspberry leaf tea (not to be confused with raspberry tea - they are different). When we were stationed in Germany, it is what the german hospital would use before anything else, to encourage contractions. In fact, I think you actually had to have a rx for it in Germany - but here you can get it at places like Vitamin Cottage and maybe Whole Foods. Come to think of it, I used to take a supplement called Lactation Blend for nursing that had it in it, and it said it promoted healthy uterine function (whatever that means).

As I am typing this, I am thinking maybe I should research this more...alas I am too lazy.

Good Luck!

Jessica said...

So does this mean you'll be at stampin up thursday?!

Kristal said...


Beth said...

I love everything about this post! My favorite though.... your little boy in the 'thinking position'; too cute!

And, I wish I were as talented as you!

Adam, Hilly, Wes and Meg said...

I haven't had too much experience, but I'm pretty sure the ward chili cook off is what did it for me. I know you said you already tried spicy food, but it wouldn't hurt to put chili on your dinner list sometime soon. :)
Good luck! Can't wait to meet baby Pearce! By the way, did I tell you how much I love that name--so cute!!

The Fish Family said...

I am so happy for you. You are almost done with your pregnancy and I wish that it were me. I love the outcome but I am not one who loves to be preggers! Hopefully that little guy will want to come earlier. I will keep you in my prayers because the size of your kids is enough to scare anyone!!! Talk to you soon.