Thursday, February 21, 2008

Totally fun randomness

These are just a few pictures from this week. I thought we had a boring week, but alas, I look at these shots and I was wrong! So very wrong! We had a lot of jumping contests to see who could jump the highest. Kam can get some air!!!
The thought it would be rad to high five each other in the air. It didn't work so well...

So they high fived themselves.

Kam continued jumping for a very long time.

Last friday night Jaden had a little fondue party for us. We gave him a fondue pot for Valentines since he always talks about Simply Fondue in Texas. Boston mostly licked the chocolate off of everything.

Just a sweet picture of my snow girl. The older two have been living outside in the snow...which is pretty much gone now.
I got carried away watching fashion shows on the fashion channel, and I LOVE when they go back stage to the hair and make up artists. Most of you know that's what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was saving up money to go to M.U.D. (make up design) school in Australia after my mission...but Jase screwed that well as the mission. But sometimes I still think about doing runway make up. It would be soo fun! So I played with my own face a bit, and pulled my runway model face. Ha!
This is Boston's little perch. He loves to sit in this chair and watch the kids walk by, or watch grandma or grandpa or dad come over. He loves it here.
You might be asking, "what kind of gel does she use to keep his hair so pokey?", let me put your mind to's yogurt! He eats it really well, and to clean his hands when he's done, he wipes it in his hair, so I just spike it up, and wah lah!

This is Kam when she got back from the restroom and noticed that I finished her letter to great grandma mulder that was taking FOREVER for her to write...I know, I have no patience.
A few seconds later...very devistated.
This guy decided to hop in a picture. He also wrote a letter to great grandma mulder. His came a long a lot faster since he knows his letters and some words. He's a freaking genius!!!
Whereas Kamryn can pull some amazing faces. And yes people, this is what we call an overexposed picture.
And we'll leave you all with a big fat kiss!!!!


dani said...

Your kids are ridiculously good looking. You are too of course. I can't wait to see all of you ridiculously good looking people this weekend!

By the way, Im loving your playlist!

Amy John said...

Boston needs to stop growing. He is getting to big too fast. Oh, wonderful picture Kristal... LOVE IT!

Breea said...

Supa Dupa Cute kris! i love it. i love your kids so much!! they are amazingly adorable!!

Melissa Fullmer said...

i miss your kids!! I miss going to fondue with you! I miss roadhouse!! life is so boring without you!

Anonymous said...

Oh those picts are incredible, I love Kams little pouty one, she is lucky and has those awsome full lips. Me and my family are destined to be upperlipless, did that make sense? The pict of you is gorgeous by the way!

Alona said...

Great pics! They're all getting so big. When can we expect the next cute Mulder kid!?!?!? ;)