Friday, February 15, 2008


I totally forgot to put what we got each other for Valentine's Day! Jase got me the soundtrack for "Dan in Real Life". I've wanted it forever! I love that movie and I love the music. It's all by one guy with a couple of songs by Regina Spektor. Thanks Jase, you're the best! And I got Jase something he's needed for a long time....nice brown shoes. I picked them out on a whim and guessed his size, and put $1,000's bet in my head that he'd take them back...since he usually takes everything I buy him back, and he's SUPER SUPER picky about shoes...but whatta know! He's keepin em! Good job me! And you're welcome, and thanks for letting me use your tip from last week's house call to buy them.


Melissa Fullmer said...

i'm so glad you posted about that movie, i knew there was something i was missing! i really wanted to see it but never did, i never get to see movies anymore. And I LOVE GERBERA daisies! they are my favorite! I love the pink ones :)

Alona said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I will now. It sounds like a great soundtrack . . . you know how I love Regina!