Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2 months!

This guys is two months! I can't believe it!  He's getting so chubby and smiley and perfect.  I have to admit, those first 4 or 5 weeks are so stressful, I wish someone else could take care of them until they hit about 2 months...and then I wish I could put everything else in my life on hold and just play with them all day and hold them and squeeze them!  His favorite thing is when I craddle him and squeeze him pretty tight and say "squeezie squeezie squeezie" in a high pitch voice.  He smiles from ear to ear.  He is like Boston and sleeps with one eye open.  It's so funny.  Pearcen just LOVES to wake up early before anyone else and come out and make him smile  That's his smiliest time of day.  All of the kids love to hold him and do whatever they can to make him smile so big that he makes an almost giggle sound.   He's defintely the center of our world right now.

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