Thursday, June 4, 2015

He's 13!

So I didn't post much about my new teenager, so I'm interviewing him.  We have so much fun going back and reading his old interviews, that I think we'll have fun reading this one in a few years.

M: Jaden, what's your favorite thing to do as a 13 year old?
J: School, Just kidding.   Soccer.
M: Really?  It's not watching pG-13 movies?!
J: Maybe, but I also like soccer.
M:  What is something I always say to you? 
M:  Really?!  It's not even chores, it's ZONES SON!  Get it right!
What's something I do that makes you laugh?
J: Dance in front of my friends.
M: I KNEW IT! I knew you loved it!!!! How are you and I different?
J: Gender
M: Ok, Smarty Pants, what else?!
J:  In muscle.  Mine are bigger.
M: Not true.  What's your favorite song right now?
J: Centeries by Fallout Boy and Uptown Funk by Bruno Marz
M: Uh, you didn't get your mom's taste in music.  What do you like to do witih your family?
J: Picnics and family bike rides
M: Who's your favorite person to hang out with?
J: I'm sorry…but it's Grandpa…because he's awesome, and he's active and he lets us do stuff.  He's not like " You can't do that!"  he's like, 'yea, just be safe".

M: Alright, let's wrap it up kid.   What goals do you have for the next year of your life?
J: Read the whole "my weird school" series,  not be a pain in the butt and get stuck in my room all day, get along with my sister,  make an awesome treehouse with Boston, finish the stregnth of the youth,   make a small business, and make Taylor's soccer team.

Alright, those are good goals.  You're awesome, and I love you so much and you drive me crazy and I love you so much and you're hilarious and ridiculous and handsome and smart and you drive me CRAZY!!!!!

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