Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

This year, the Easter Bunny hid the kids Easter baskets all over the backyard.  Vivian's was in the first spot and she just parked it there for a while.  She got a princess bubble set, a bubble gun, 2 super big bottles of bubbles, candy, and her dress….(these pics are SOOC because I don't feel like photoshopping all of em)

 Then Pearcey looked around and spotted his and went a runnin!  His had a handsome suit, a monster truck, bubbles and candy.

 Boston ran to his right away with a little scream.  He had a big rocket with some engines, bubbles, a suit and some candy.
 Kam kinda knew where hers was while we were checking out Vivan's stuff, so she didn't' have to search.  She got a beautiful pink dress, a gift card to build a bear, some killer red floral boots and candy.

 (she's SO excited about the build a bear card…she's wanted to make one for years!)
 This year when I asked Jaden if he believed in the Easter Bunny, he said, "no, not really"…and I said, "oh sad, then he doesn't believe in you!".  haha.  And he quickly replied, "wait, wait, I thought you said Measter Smunny!  of course I believe in the Easter Bunny!".   I love him!  He got an awesome new suit, The Blind Side, a seat for his bike, and cadbury eggs…his and his mom's fav!

 The Easter Egg hunt begins!

and you KNOW I made them get in front of our gate for some pics before church. I love this group.  I hope they can all grow up to be amazing, happy, loving, compassionate, understanding people!  I really really am so glad i get to be with them forever!!!!

 Dorky Deacon!
 Stinkin Handsom Deacon!

 I seriously just CANNOT resist this face AT ALL!!!!!

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