Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's day with the 2 best!

This father's day we were able to spend it up north with dad.  We've spent the last few mother's days up there, but not father's day.   It was great.  Boston picked out some fantastic lobster shirts to give both dad's and I forced them both to wear them for the Father's Day BBQ.....I do however think they slowly fell in love with them...and I think they both look strapping in them!
 Grandma had the kids shuck the wasn't very fond of the idea (I'll let you guess) and one just shucked one happily then skipped away (again, take a guess)
 The kids LOVE getting thrown out, I mean going out back to play.  Grandma and Grandpa have 2 horses in their pasture that the kids like to go and pet, and they always have a fun sprinkler attatchement on their hose, which makes for hours of fun.  Poor sweet Vivvy gets picked up by everyone, a million different ways, and she lets out a loud scream that sometimes gives her freedome, but sometimes does not.  The boys love to hold her.
 Um, I don't know what this cute pose was for, but I want it in the blog book!
 and a shot with the whole crew and the dads.  I LOOOVE this picture. So mad I didn't focus it!
 and me and my girls and my dad.  So glad we FINALLY wore these skirts I made over a month ago, who knows if it'll happen again.   Love this old guy!  I love talking to him about anything!  He always has great insite, and great humor to ANY subject!  He's fantastic!!! And he always makes each of the kids feel like a favorite....and he's their favorite!!!!
 This might be one of the sweetest pictures ever.  Grandpa really does have a special place for Vivvy.  and ever since she was super tiny she's always loved going to grandpa....and she doesn't like many other people.

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