Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweepy Sweepy Bibby Bibby

I love my sleeping Bibby.  I love her awake just as much, but when she's asleep, i just stare and stare at her.  She's perfect. I love when her lips start sucking, and there's nothing there.  I love when  her feet twitch.   I LOVE my sleeping Bibby!
I realized I take a few too many pictures of sleeping Viv.  This isn't even half of them, but I love them!

 I can't believe how quickly she's growing. I love her chubbiness.  It's so yummy!  She's still so so tiny.  people think she's always a month or two younger than she is, but she's got the perfect amount of chubbiness! I LOVE fat baby wrists!!!!

 And of coarse, when you go to wake up your kids for school and you see this, you MUST snap one!

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