Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Days....

Today was a typical summer day, except one BFF Jana and I talked this morning and she reminded me of the days when I used to take pictures of my kids during ordinary days.  Now I feel like I only take pictures during events, or vacations and not on any of the amazing ordinary days anymore, so today, I took pictures.  Kinda sad that Kam was at a birthday party all day, so I'll have to catch her on another day, but for now, here are the other 5.  Truman mostly sat around smiling, but I LOVE that he just falls asleep wherever.  I was playing with him on my bed early this morning and I went to do something in the other room and came back to THIS!  I LOVE IT!  He's perfect!!!!!

 These last two are right after I popped his binkie out...hence the adorable kissable pouty wips!

 Meanwhile Jase had the other 3 boys out doing yard work all afternoon.  Vivian kinda just wandered around checking on everyone.   Pearcen was the weed/lawn blower.  He just went around after the boys getting the grass and weeds off of the sidewalk.
 These two older "men" did the mowing....

 Vivian ate watermelon

 Luckily, they were done just in time to go play in the irrigation (gross, I know)

 And Vivian....ate watermelon

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foreveryoung said...

I love getting a glimpse into a day in the country with your cute family. I love that your kids can run around outside, childhood unplugged!