Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back to Goals

So, I set goals sometimes, but I usually don't write them down…I wake up and think them and then forget them by 3pm.  But today I was blog reminising and came acrossed THIS POST and realized I have ALL of those adorable clothes just sitting in a box whilst I wear stretchy pants, and the same 5 t shirts EVERYDAY…going on TWO YEARS now…it's depressing . So I'm going to start small.  I want to lose 25 pounds before Christmas.  So I want to lose 2 pounds  a week.  I'm starting out at a whopping 175.  ugh! And yes, I was at 150 in May.  Crazy summer, and crazy stress eating to follow.  But I'm shooting for 2 pounds a week.

The plan you ask?

No sugar/dairy/non popcorn carbs after 4pm.

Double my water intake

Turbo Jam or Fire at least once a day

2-3 apples a day


So there it is.  I hope it works. I used to be THE will power girl.  the girl that could kill any cleanse/diet Hit my goals  every week.  And now…the new post baby me…FAILURE in the diet category.  But not anymore I'm ready to not be big!  And I don't feel super fat, or obese like I did for the first 9 months after I had Bibs, but I'm just large…and all of my cute clothes…are 15 pounds away.  Shouldn't be so hard!

Here it is…. me at 175 pounds…luckily you can't see much of me, but it's big.  Size 12 big.
 Here I am at 160…size 10.
 and 150, size 8.

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RACHAEL said...

You are awesome! You make 175 look amazing!! I wear size 8 pants! :) I love my mom jeans lol. I need to reply to your email! I loved it. You go girl!! :)