Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How does Kendi do it?!?!?!

So you maybe remember Kendi Everyday blog that I said I love in a previous post. She's an adorable girl, in her 20's that is my fashioni idol.  She dresses soo cute.  She also does a photoshoot everyday...with her husband taking the pictures.  And she looks very natural and adorable and beautiful in all of them.  

Part of the story #2:
I have a fabulous friend Mel....her and I dress each other.  Yes, we dress each other.  She lives in Texas, but whenever one of us wants to buy an article of clothing, we send the other one a link to the site and say, "whattya think?" and we honestly vaule each other's opionions because we stink at dressing ourselves.  So over the last few weeks I've been getting some new peices for my wardrobe as approved by Mel.  Today I had to show her the ones that I impulsivly bought at Target on Saturday to see what she thinks needs to go back and what can stay part of my life.

you mesh the 2 parts of the story, and this is what you get...

How does Kendi do it?!
(oh, I do have to give kudos to my awesome hairstylest, Delores for coloring, cutting and styling my hair today...she's awesome)
 What the heck is this face all about?  I mean to look at something in the distance in awe...instead it came out...."ooooh, that girl's got toliet paper coming out of her skirt!"
 and my sexy and her sexy are way different...mine is more cheap bar circa 1983 sexy.
 this picture is my FAVORITE.  Boston has been getting wet rags and wiping EVERYTHING in our house for days.  Seriously he will do it for hours at a time...including the cars, the doors, the fridges, everything...and as I was doing the one leg pose to show each shoe with the outfit...he was busy wiping the bottoms of the other shoe.  Awesome!
 "whoops, my shoes don't match" but look at that adorable cleaner boy!
 my fake laughter sucks! Whatever....WHATEVER KENDI!!!!!
This was the last picture....entitled "el Tigre"  I was done...Done...and mad and annoyed and done!

 This is Jase's fashion shot of me walking out towards him.  Um, my lips are smaller than ALL of my kid's lips.  Ugh!
 Ok, and I had to put one normal face, even though my smile is all gums....this is a picture of me....how I am....well, as we all know, it's usually in workout clothes, glasses, and hair slicked back into a pony tail, but as of March 2011, this is the dressed up Kristal Mulder...all pictures completely uneditted, except fashion shot as some color pop.
Now I'm going to share a few things about me so the kids can know me as of March 2011

if I have 10 extra minutes here are a list of things I will do with it:

1. Order this DRESS for my girl's trip. I need it....but I hafta wait til I can use my 35% off and NOT pay shipping.

2. Put my amazon order in...the cart is always full, just needs to be ordered.

3. Lay down on my bed and play a premier training video...gotta be the best premier jewelr in northern Az...wait, I'm the only one.  haha.

4. Eat something from my secret stash...feel guilt then shove an apple down, yup, all in 10 minutes.

5.  Change poop...yes, by choice...I can't stand the smell walking around me all day.

6. tricept dips or planks

7. Facebook chat Mel or skype if I'm feeling crazy

8. look for kid's crafts in Family Fun magazine or look for home ideas in better homes and gardens...or you know what, go through any of my 20 magazines that I'm subscribed to.  this happens often...especially if the extra 10 minutes is after the kids go to bed.

9. update my netflix queue.

10. Bury the phones so I dont' hear them ring.

11. lock the kids outside and eat a bowl of cereal.

12. blog


Elissa said...

you are TINY! i am jealous. but seriously you look hot. miss you guys, and can't wait to see you

Elissa said...

oh, and i looked at the Kendi blog for a seriously long time, and thought most of the same things, she id darling and an inspiration, thanks for the link

RACHAEL said...

YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! no more saying you don't know how to put outfits together. because you look like a hot gap model mom or something.

FAVES: #1 & #2.

go girrrrrrl!

AudyCamp said...

You have ALWAYS been a model!....& I spy some street signs you stole in the background. :) Shouldnt there be more or are they on the side walls?