Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday...YEAR 4

I LOVE Black Friday! It's one of my favorite holidays! I love that Bet and Dani sacrafice sleep to go with me! I don't like how much OLDER I look in this picture than them....Here's how it went down. Thanksgiving Day, Bet and I went to Old Navy, got some killer deals (card holders deals). Then we went and had Thanksgiving. After that, Randa, Kayla, Danica and myself went to JoAnn's...SERIOUSLY great deals there. Tons of stocking stuffers, ribbon and other junk. Then to bed early (11) so I could get up at 3:15 for Target's 4am start. (thanks for the midnight call Ash, you'll get yours soon!)
BLACK FRIDAY MORNING: Bet slept in!!!!!!! I got nervous that I'd be going alone. I headed out alone...texting Dani, Kayla, Randa, Cara, whoever would go with me. Dani texted back and said, "I'm on my way" whew! But then a couple of minutes later Bet texted, "Sorry, I'll be there ASAP". So we started at Target. TARGET!!!! I STINKIN LOVE BF at Target. Love it! I love that there are billions of money saving moms and weirdee teenage and 20 something boys wanting gaming stuff.
So there were about 50 or 60 of us at one door, and there was a sign that said, "line forms at other door". But some big mouth lady said, "well, I KNOW they have to open both doors, it's a fire code". Um, but at 4:01, target workers came to our door and pointed to the other one. So I rushed over there, Dani came right then too. And they let the line go in first while the other now 100 of us had to wait. Um, NO!
Dani and I went around and saw a big gap in the line from some slow poke, and another girl said, "if you guys jump in right there, I will too". So we did! And the hoochie meanie behind us said, "Oh, no you don't, I'm with my sister right there, you can go behind me". (which I would have said too) um, so we did. And luckily the next people weren't so mean, they just kept saying, "I don't remember these people being in line with us before"...a few times kinda loud and rude like...but you know what...we were walking towards the door....towards binoculars, towards, play doh, houndstooth cheinlle throws, cheap DVD's, and most importantly, the pushing and shoving and black friday shoppers.
We did it! We were in! Bet still hadn't made it yet, but Dani and I went STRAIGHT to the toys to get the night scope eyeclops of only TWO things Jaden has asked for this year (the other being a big huge plain hershey's bar..which I will get later). We got there...huge $25 sign (usually $50) and a huge EMPTY SHELF!!! We asked the worker if they were going to restock...he said, yea, they should be soon. But then another worker said, "Are you talking about the night vision binoculars? There's more on isle C26". Um, there were a few of us needing them, so we started going back there was a few isles away...I got cut off, so I yelled for Dani to go, and to be strong! And she did! She got 3! And she made 3 mother's of boys very happy that day.
THEN to the houndstooth throws...yea, we got the last 2 red ones. Whatev.
Then to the playdoh...which I didn't know we were even going to get, but as I was looking at the huge 24 pack (full size tubs) and realizing that $5.26 was a really great prices, mother's hands were snatching away, and Dani reached for the 2nd to the last one (the last one was opened) and some other lady touched it about 1/2 a second before her, so she let her have it...but she did snatch the last one, which was just opeend, but comletley fine. Everyone kept eyeing my toy story 3 too. But they later realized that they restocked that movie every 2 seconds. In fact, there are still a ton. Target was AMAZING!
Then, the 3 of us loaded into one car and went to Kohl's where we quickly left because the line snaked the WHOLE store! But now I wish I would have because they had an awesome waffle maker, under cabinet sterio and a 7" digital frame that were later over $200 all together, but that morning they were only about $70 all together. Blah!
Then to BB& Beyond. Fun stuff there, not too great of deals. You did get 20% off of your entire purchase though, so we found the most amazing head scratchers for $3.20 after our discount. Bet and I bought 5, Dani bought 2. All together, we're making 12 people very very VERY happy. I mean VERY happy! Oh my gosh so happy! I also got a sweet RC ride for my nephew. Back to the head scratchers. AMAZING~! Bet would scratch mine and Dani's head, and we'd almost wreck w hen she scratched made my eyes close every time. And dani, wow, the sounds she would make. Head scratchers are better than better than sex cake. They're the top of the best chain.
Then over to somewhere, I can't think right now, but on to breakfast, which is usually IHOP because it's in Flag, but we did paradise bakery. Lovely. It was lovely. Then to charming charlie's, then done. It was a lovely morning...but not the end of my black friday shopping. I had to help Jase put a Crazy 8 order through...probably my best deals of the whole week. I had a coupon for 20% off, PLUS they were having t heir own little sales, so I got tons and tons and tons for only $101 (no shipping). Then it was time for us to head out, but on our way we hit walmart, target again, kohl's again and Bass Pro Shop. And then we had to drive home.

Again, NOT the end of my BF shopping spree.

This morning, woke up, got on line, filled a target shopping cart, filled an amazon shopping cart, and finally put in my PearTreeGreetings order. I'm also doing a snapfish order in a bit. Seriously I want to not shop all year and save all of my $$ and go crazy every BF and following Saturday...and let's not forget Cyber monday is um, 2 days away!!!! I love how much you can get when you're broke on these days. It's amazing.
I'm starting to get post black friday blues already. I'm sure once the packages sstart coming in, and more Christmas stuff starts happening I'll be fine. But i fyou see me in the next couple of days, just give me a good pat on the back and let m eknow that it'll all be alright.


Melissa Fullmer said...

you would be so fun to go black friday shopping with!! maybe some day

Kristal said...

YES! Next year...New Mexico! I bet nobody buys the cool stuff at Targets there! haha.

dani said...

SO FUN!!! What a fabulous account of the best day/morning! I'm glad I could help you score some killer deals even if I did almost get trampled by crazy people!

Lanae said...

those head scratchers ARE amazing! I'll second that!

AudyCamp said...

Wow-you have a good memory. Love the verbage all typed in there...could picture all the meanie ladies in my head.

Samantha said...

I wanna go with YOU! Seriously! Can you invite me next time??

kristal said...

haha, heck yes, but we never know when it's going to be. We usually prefer Flagstaff, when the family comes up here for Thanksgiving, but this year was fun in the valley. Remind me next year and we'll get you in on it. It really is soo fun. You've gotta come with a plan though, and it's best if you want a high demand thing so we can RUSH to it and put up a GOOD fight for it. I love it! I'm so having post black friday blues. Hopefully I can score some great stuff tomorrow...not nearly as fun though

Tamee said...

I had those same night vision binoculars in my hands, and then in my cart for a 1/2 hours until I decided Garrett didn't need them because I was getting him the Air Hog heliocopter. Plus it was cheaper. But now I wish I would have bought them, becuase Garrett is going to be soooo jealous of Jaden. My black friday experience wasn't as exciting as you all. But I did get some deals. Chi Flat iron, new Christmas tree, chair for Keith, Vacuum cleaner for me, since Keith stepped on our Dyson. Sad day! Good times but I wish I was there.