Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ah, so now divine revelation on simplifing. Everyone says that Elder Ukdorf's talk was just for them, I agree. He hit my life this last month ON THE HEAD. My favorite quote, one that I always want to remember by Leonardo Divinci "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". LOVE IT! And I'm going to start believing soon as I can get it done. It's hard to not say no when someone asks you to do something big, or even a bunch of small things, or making real home made from scratch meals for every meal. I already simlfied there....we had taco bell for the first time in years. It was amazing...and made me sick! It's really hard for me to accept the fact that my house will be messy....many times a day it will be a wreck. But if I can have the kids help get it clean before they leave for school, and before they go to bed, I'm happy. So just know, if you come over in the middle of the day, my house will be a wreck. Either come at 8:30am or pm. ha!
And I've gotta say in this post how grateful I am for my amazing friends.
Ashley Biddle, I love Ash Skiddle. She's exactly me. EXACTLY, but better hair and a better butt. We buy all the same things w/o knowing it, we have about the same family, the same husband (not really, but pretty much), we love the same things, we hate the same things, we're the same ammount of lazy on the weekends and we get overwhelemed with the same things. I LOVE ME SOME ASH SKIDDLE!
Mel Fullmer, only thing I don't like about her is that she was as shy as I was for the first year we knew each other so we didn't get to hang out much before we moved from TExas. Sad. But seriously, her sarcasm, witt, exquisit taste in cars, electronics, photography and friends is amazing. She's up there with simplicity, she's the ultimate in sophistication. Sometimes I forget she's a few years younger than me because she's that much more sophisticated than me.
Amy FRICKIN John! She's so cool she gets the frickin. Seriously I feel ugly, short and homely when I hang out with her, but conversation is always SOO interesting. She's got a different view than anyone on everything. We absolutely LOVE Travis and Amy. Our vegas trips are some of our favorites ever. Just to listen to amy, and watch all the guys (and even girls) check her out. Amy is my movie star friend.
My HS girls, ah, I may as well say my elementary peeps. We all went to kindergarten together. you guys are awesome. I love that we all know each other's families so well, and so much about each other's past. Olden, Golden yo.
My hair girl Koe. I want to get my hair done every week just to hang out with her and her family and listen to them. they are a crack up.
My JC peeps, Kourtney, Lisa, Lu, Sharee, Cayla, Amy, Andrea, Trina, all of you. It's so nice that you don't expect too much of me. You know I'm a home body, quite boring, and you're all so crafty and handy. Some with their card making skills, vinyl skills, scrappin skills, cake making skills, work out tips. You're awesome
And of coarse my newly made friends, Lanae and Abbey, don't know you girls that well, but I can' tell we'll defaintely be having some killier girls weekends. Can't wait.
MY NEICES!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my neices. Seriously I'm 8 years from my closest sister and 8 years from my closest neice, so they are prettty much my little sisters, and it's just getting to be even more fun with them now that they are in the "getting married and starting families" phase of life too. I love it! They are my main reason for facebooking. They're awesome!
Last and defaintely NOT least, my awesome sisters...and sister in law. I think if I didn' thave sisters I wouldn't have friends. Honestly, how many of you first used me to hang out with mys isters, or were introduced to me through my sisters? It's ok, admit, it's fine. They're awesome. There are so many things in each of them that I LOVE. But most of all I LOVE that I can just call or e mail them and let them know what's pissing me off and that's it. They don't need to tell anyone, they just let me vent it out and dont' judge me, and we move on. Awesome
Alright, just grateful for everyone right now. My family is awesome, my friends are awesome, my figure, um, is fine, and my home life is better than I thought it could be.


My life is guuud.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


dani said...

..."And my nieces are so amazing. I love FB chatting with them daily... Blah blah blah blah I love them."

That was my favorite part.

Kristal said...

no, trusst me I laid in bed last night and thought of lots of peole I need to add, so here I go.

j&krosser said...

I thought of you doing Ukdorf's talk cause of your simplify post. ANd I am so glad that we were friends for like, well, pretty much forever. You are awesome!

Amy John said...

Kristal... YOU are the cool one! Thanks, you are so nice. But seriously... you are a walking MODEL!

Abbey said...

Um, hi. I love you. You are my newest favorite person! Let's be new best friends, mostly because I want to be you! But not in a creepy way, haha, in a you-are-stinkin'-awesome! way :)

RACHAEL said...

i know we talked about this, but yes! i agree. your house is so cute it SHOULDN't be clean all the time. it would just be too perfect. love you&your family. and i juuust posted about this same topic!!


Kourtney Dawn said...

Kristal- this morning I woke up thinking "I love that girl" so I'm sitting in bed reading your blog on my phone! And guess what?! I do love you! (also, not in a creeper sort of way!) :D