Sunday, May 4, 2008

Top 10

Ok, I've done top 10's about Jase before, but they change every few months, so I'm doing a top ten for May 2008.
10. I love that he changes B's poopy diapers that go up the back...even if I'm holding B and complaining about it, he'll take him and go change it...whatta man!
9. I love that he lets me pull the hair out of his nose and ears, yes he has them, and yes it kills him when I do it, but he lets me.
8. I love that he says cheesy things like, "I'm so proud of you" about my losing weight lately, and exercising and dieting so strictly.
7. I love his good intentions. I've had some pretty major issues I've been dealing with for years, and every few weeks he says "next week I'm going to work on you everyday and we're going to get you better". Someday baby, you'll have time to fix me, til then, bring on the pills!
6. I love that he tries to kiss me even though about 50% of the time I push him away, or saw gross, just because every few weeks I make comments like, "you never like to kiss me". I'm the meanest wife ever!
5. I love that you brush your teeth a couple times a day and still have funky yellow teeth, but you can still appreciate that mine are white and I brush bi-annually! That's love
4. I love that you want to get me a sewing machine, lens, patio furniture, trips and whatever else I complain about, when I know deep down, if you didn't have the ole ball and chain, you'd be saving up for 4 wheelers, RVs, and lots of parasailing, hiking, camping adventures.

3. I love that when I get depressed about my weight, and take it out on you by saying evil things like, "you have a girl weight!" "you have manorexia!" and "you tiny little man", you put up with me and try to compliment me. You need to slap me and put me in my place (or gain a good 20lbs!)

2. I don't really love this, but it does make me laugh sometimes...your twitchies that you get when you're falling asleep. They bug the crap out of me and keep me awake, but when I think about them in the daytime, I laugh.

1. The number one thing I still love about you right now is that you are my dishwasher in a crappy old house that is dishwasherless!!! I would seriously stock up on paperplates, bowls, and plastic utencils if I didn't have you right now! you're the best and I know you do it because you love me and care about my sanity! Love ya little man!!!!


Alona said...

That's so cute! You guys are great together. Hopefully we can visit in a month or so!

crazy said...

Love all the pictures. That is a GREAT top 10 list. So I hope you are going to post naughty hottie pictures after you reach your goal weight. I will let you know, I would only get pregnant again if somebody paid me to do it and am talking millions. However I wouldn't mind another little baby to love on. Later gator, Tammi

Unknown said...

Is it anniversary time or are just "feelin the love"?

Anonymous said...

Your husband makes me feel like a lousy jerk. I need to step up my game considerably.

kristal said...

nope, not an anniversary, just a reminder to myself of why I love him. Sometimes I need to do that so I quit taking him for granted.
Zane, trust me, there are times when I say, "aww, guess what Zane did for Burgess" to Jase, so you do the same. don't worry.